Henry Bley-Vroman


(pronouns he/him, pronounced /ˈhɛn.ɹi blaɪ ˈvɹəʊmən/) builds things you see on the web, creates tools to improve other builders' daily experience, teaches and mentors at work and in the tech community, and strives to support safe, kind, fair, and welcoming cultures. Most recently: established Senior UI Developer, mentor to the UI Developer apprentice, and chair of the DEI Advisory Committee at Viget. Previously: New Media Campaigns UI Developer, ReCYCLEry community bike mechanic and advocate, Boston University doctoral candidate in cognitive neurobiology. Sometimes concertina player, fiddler, wa‘a racer, woodturner. Online as olets (pronounced /oʊ lɛts/).

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Selected Software

  • zsh-abbr
  • zsh-test-runner
  • zsh-window-title

Selected Clients

It's been my priviledge to work as a front-end developer and to lead projects with some great clients, including

  • Wildlife Conservation Society logo
    Wildlife Conservation Society
  • New York Aquarium logo
    New York Aquarium
  • Bronx Zoo logo
    Bronx Zoo
  • National Park Foundation logo
    National Park Foundation
  • Emerson Collective logo
    Emerson Collective
  • Project on Government Oversight logo
    Project on Government Oversight
  • The Human Rights Campaign logo
    The Human Rights Campaign
  • AARP logo
  • The Ad Council logo
    The Ad Council